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English Gardens

English Garden English Garden English Garden
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The English garden is tidy and organized garden grouped in carefully planned geometrical and symmetric lines. Lawns and partitions in an English garden should be accurately cut always. Trees, bushes, semi bushes and other foliage are carefully landed, generated and cut.

The most simple English garden is represented by square cut lines of a green hedge, either carefully fenced flowers or garden beds, in type of a bed’s garden. The most difficult English gardens contain footpaths, sculptures, fountains and multilevel beds.

An English garden has to merge with landscape as much as possible. The lawn comes to the house, and hides in park. The prevailing colour of an English garden is green and its shades: bright garden flowers are landed near to the house. In an English garden the preference is given to the big curtains of field perennials and wood perennials. The paths are twisted, and made of natural material. It’s perfectly, if there are roughnesses of relief and reservoirs.

The characteristics for an English landscape garden are:

• Landscape naturalness, absence of a clear boundary between the garden and surrounding nature.

• Softness of relief lines, plants, paths and reservoirs.

• Contrast of light and shade, special attention to the invoice of crones, leaves.

• Movement in everything – in twisting paths, among waving plants, at natural reservoirs.

• The leading role of strips and groups of trees.

• The absence of ostentation, the prevalence of the ideas of romanticism and sentimentalism.


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