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Perennial Flowers and Plants in your Garden

Perennial plants Perennial flowers Perennial plants

Perennial flowers Perennial flowers pictures Perennial plant pictures

All plants are divided on annual, biannual and perennial. The most known are annual:  sunflowers, marigolds, nails, petunias – all of them live only one season. The biannual plants live two seasons, after that they sow seeds and die. The word perennial concerns plants which live longer, than two years: for example, hosts, peonies, phloxes.

Formally talking trees and bushes should concerns to perennial plants too as they live more than two years. But in the standard understanding the perennial plants designate only grassy plants which not apathetic runaways die in autumn in order to grow again next spring.

Why we can recommend to grow up perennial plants?

If in your garden prevail annual plants, than you have to know well the annual actions connected with their cultivation: you buy flowers seeds (or collect them by yourself), sow them in early spring, then replace the grown up sprouts to a constant place in a garden, you look after them, feed them up, weed them throughout all season (for what they thank you with  long and plentiful flowering), and in the end of a season you take them away from your garden in order  to begin all this again in spring.

The perennial flowers garden remain on the same place within several years. Once planted in a garden, the majority of them requires the minimum care, like watering and feeding, quickly expands, filling empty spaces in a garden and giving to you more and more colour and aroma.

Will the perennials blossom all the summer, as well as the annuals?

The majority of perennials has a period of the most plentiful flowering which lasts from a week to about a month or even longer. Usually at purchasing of plants this period (it can be an early summer or, for example, autumn) – is underlined on a label. Some of the perennials blossom long enough, but they also have a period of the most magnificent flowering, in the rest of time they pleas you with only single flowers.

It looks like such specialty of perennials is their negative feature as they cannot blossom all season without interruption. However it’s only the first sight: the correct placing of plants will easily solve this problem, and your garden made of perennials will decorate your place since spring till late autumn.

Certainly, the same types of flowers will not blossom all the summer long, but replacing each other they will provide to you continuous flowering and an abundance of paints to the frosts. You can observe, how one shades in your garden gradually disappear, leaving place to absolutely new colour ideas; your garden during all season will change and surprise you with all new and new images.

Believe, this is one of advantages of a garden perennial – none of the annuals is able to create in a garden such variety, and even a skilled gardener will not be able to make in one composition such a courageous and constantly varying combinations of colours and shades.

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