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Garden’s Structure for Beginner Gardener

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About what a beginning gardener thinks, digging in the earth? Basically, about how to land a plant for its normally grow. Later, having learned simple receptions of agricultural technicians, but still sitting in beds, our hero starts to lift his head and to look around. He starts thinking what else interesting he can make in his garden. And here he is standing proudly on top of an Alpine hill. And, surveying chaotic beauties starts to suspect that something is wrong here…

Each garden is small (or not small) isolated world. So has developed that we perceive our garden absolutely separately, from others. And on this precious slice of earth, so lovely enclosed by fence, we have to create something intelligible. A garden has to be beautiful; a garden has to be functional. And if of the beauty of separate elements many of us can take care, to collect all together in a reasonable image, is a problem. Actually all is easy. And the first step - is a choice of structure of the future garden. Why a choice, instead of working out? Simply there are some characteristic types of a lay-out of space. It can concern the entire garden or its separate parts - an internal court yard, a front garden, wood etc. the Majority of gardens are included in this classification, or are intermediate variants.

So, the first type is a garden-room. Small open space with green plantings on perimeter. Plans of such gardens can be meet very often in English books. Is suitable for an internal court yard, for that part of a garden that is behind the house. The flat center usually includes a patio, a small lawn of an accurate form, sometimes a reservoir. A dense tree-bushed mixborder along the edges well protects both from a wind, and from extraneous sights. Quite often it is also raised on a retaining wall. Pergola makes it much more comfortable. At rather small sizes of such garden there is everything that is necessary. There is a place where to have rest, on what to look. Are located both apple-trees, and a pine tree. Keeping the initially set structure, we can easily add other elements - a children's small house and a barbecue oven, to include in retaining wall’s composition, any flower beds to make them a part of extended mix border where there always will be both solar and shadow places. And now imagine for a minute that all the same plants would be landed in the garden in our favorite, tested with time square-cluster way. Instead of a cozy open-air room, we would get muffled landings, with absence of any vital space in a garden, pleasant sensation of isolation from other world would be gone, and about cleaning lawn around each plant it is better not to think at all!

The following type is development of the previous one. It is a garden-apartment these are rooms - system of spaces flowing each other divided by green hedges, pergolas or it is just greens missives. It is a convenient multipurpose variant. The athletic field, a children's corner, a kitchen garden, a smart zone, the Japanese garden – it’s possible to find a place for everything. Visually isolated fragments which are not getting simultaneously in sight, can be quite possible made in different styles, and each member of a family can choose for himself a vacation spot that he likes. Now imagine the same garden left in uniform space: the Japanese garden adjoins to kitchen garden, the basketball bell frequently falls on it from the athletic field, those who love you, name it softly - "eclecticism" …

For a really big gardens a walking variant will do. It is a garden of beautiful landscapes and specific pictures. It is perceived entirely though it does not exclude the presence of separate closed corners. All elements are strung on the general system of paths and footpaths which lead to dense bushes or open a dazzling kind. Walking in a big garden, all the time we are searching variety. The creation of an artificial relief and the device of various thematic gardens will be very helpful. By all means in the wood zone it is necessary to make a shadow garden, gardens of mosses and ferns, and somewhere there will be golden spot, an untouched clearing with different blossoming plants or a garden of chamomiles. Do you already want there? And now imagine our habitual circular path in nowhere between a lawn and a lawn…

Well, and if to walk in a garden is not one of your habits, it is necessary to concentrate your efforts on creation of an unique magnificent view, usually, from house’s or arbor’s side. In another interpretation – you need a picture-garden. It does not mean that from all other places your garden will look modest. Simply all significant elements - cascades, sources, decorative walls, flower beds - will be turned to the spectator. Such variant will not only provide an instant tremendous effect for any, entered into your garden, but it is also useful as a decision of a fragment, constantly visible from a window. What we will represent this time? Perhaps, the peeled wall of a neighbor’s shed in front of the bedroom window.

And at last, a prospect-garden. A familiar to us six hundred square meters site of standard cutting: 12 on 50 or, even worse than that, 10 on 60. Often we read that an extended site should be visually reduced in all accessible ways. And whether it is necessary? We can build on its axis a really royal suite or occupy the center with a lawn, or make it as a green river with creeks, islands and raised coast overgrown with trees and bushes. Well, and for comparison already familiar to us the pseudo-Alpine hill…

Certainly, all these schemes shouldn’t be applied in the pure state. Nothing prevents a picture-garden to be a walking-garden as well. The Garden-apartment can have an enfilade character. The main thing is to transform the primary chaos in a convenient, comprehended, and very beautiful vital space.

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