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French Garden

French Gardens

French garden French garden French garden
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Imagine a flat garden as much as possible opened in surrounding nature. The main principle of its planning – are clearness and ideal symmetry of its composition. In front of the house is usually set an orchestra entirely covered with flowers. It is bordered with a low border from short-haired bushes or the paths strewed by sand or gravel.

The French style is a development of idea of regular lay-out. Here the art of a gardener prevails over the nature, subordinating it to strict order and chaining it in accurate geometrical forms.

The plants hairstyle is often given the artificial form. An accurate green wall of a short-haired fence is an obligatory element of a French garden. One more integral element are triangles and pergolas, braided by twisted plants. Also boskets are very popular the dense files of trees surrounded with short-haired bushes.

Concrete tiles on paths, paths from a special brick became rather new element in a French garden. Pots and containers with flowers near houses are very popular in France.

It is necessary to mention that creation of a French garden needs big spaces and continuous work of the professional gardener on its gardening and an accomplishment.

Certainly, the French garden is an impractical garden. It’s not a garden yielding fruits, but a garden for rest.


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