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Garden of One Flower

The Garden of one Flower

Garden of One Flower

Traditionally flower beds are bright mix of the various plants which have been picked up on the similarity of colour, height and form. But there are also flower beds of another type - in which there dominate the plants of one kind. These are monoflower beds which can be also named the garden of one flower. The basis of a flower composition of such flower bed is one sort or one kind of plants. If, for example, you have seen in spring a lawn in the garden, covered with multi-coloured primroses, that was the monoflower bed. Especially picturesque are the monoflower beds from kinds and grades of one flower, which can have absolutely different colours.

But there is also other way. In order to allocate and underline the beauty of each grade of a plant (for example, tulips they don’t have to be mixed, and on the contrary, landed strictly in small groups. The garden space is divided on small geometrically correct sites, on each of which only one grade is landed: red, white, yellow, rose-white, terry, fringed... Such monoflower bed is also called a monogarden. I usually has a rectangular configuration and is surrounded with a green hedge or trellis.

The Garden of Roses

The garden of roses or the rosary is, perhaps, the most magnificent kind of a monogarden...

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The Garden of Gladioluses

Gladioluses are extraordinary various on colouring, forms, the sizes of flowers and inflorescences and the whole habitus of plants...

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The Garden of Peonies

From various grades of peonies that differ on height, terms of flowering and colouring of flowers, it is possible to create a garden from blossoming peonies, conceding on the beauty and aroma only to the garden from roses...

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The Garden of Phloxes

The garden of phloxes, creates an extraordinary beauty of late summer and early autumn flowering terms...

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The Garden of Dahlias

It can be monophonic, for example red, or multicoloured with transition from white through pale-yellow, yellow, golden, pink, scarlet, red, red-violet to the dark-purple...

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The Garden of Lilies

The garden of lilies has amazing refinement and decorative effect from the middle of summer till the autumn...

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The Garden of Asters

Such a garden is created from annual and long-term asters which flowering starts in the beginning of July and lasts till the end of October...

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The Garden of Heathers

The garden of heathers is very popular in Europe. In the sort of Heather there is only one kind – the ordinary heather, that is represented by several tens of grades different on colouring of the flowers and foliage.

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