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Garden for Health. Rest and Restore forces Garden

Garden for Health Garden for Health Garden for Health
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It won’t be an exaggeration to tell that the surrounding landscape has an essential influence on the state of person’s health. To create atmosphere in which you will feel positive changes in yours health as physical form, and that is very important – in spiritual form, – is the main task in creation of private gardens. Some gardens have that special sensation of rest and thoughtfulness where everyone can distract from every day cares and vanity. Such gardens can help a person to take away the overstrain and anxiety which we have in everyday life.

With increasing frequency we realize that the care about our own health should concentrate on something else, than the traditional medicines and medical treatment. Here we need something more, and a garden can easily become that soul and body doctor. Scientific researches show that the unification with nature promotes decrease the level of uneasiness, removal of stressful conditions and even decrease the raised blood pressure.

The gardens that allow its lodgers to have a rest and restore forces, is characterized by creation of cosy places where it is possible to sit and relax. It can be lonely places where a person has possibility to be alone and simply to behold the surrounding nature, or a place where the whole family can gather at slow conversations.

Water, whether it is a small pound or a fountain, – are very spread in such gardens: because from the deep past is known the pacifying influence of a sound of running water to a person. In creation of treating gardens the most important element is colour: the deep purple, dark blue, green and white colours are for the calming influence; bright colours are sometimes used in gardens for creation a feeling of pleasure and optimism.

Natural and soft weakening influence of a surrounding landscape is also reached by inclusion of stony places and is simply empty places in some parts of a garden in order not to create a sensation of chaos and neglect.

And one more important point: such gardens give you aromatherapy sessions. Because of the aroma that gives relaxation and calm, lavender, thyme, chamomiles are often landed in such gardens: the Choice of such plants depends on you wish, what kind of mood you want to give to your garden.

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