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The most popular species of Andromeda is known to botanists as Pieris

floribunda. It is an American evergreen. with leathery leaves and dense racemes of white flowers , appearing in April. The height is commonly 3 to 4 feet . Another

beautiful species is Japonica with tufts of creamy bells in abundance. There is a variety called variegate (or ele gantissima).

The only true distinct species of Andromeda is polifolia, a shrub growing about 1 foot high with pink drooping flowers in late spring, and evergreen leaves, a native of our peat bogs. It requires a moist site and a peaty compost Propagation is by seeds sown under glass when ripe, also by layers in autumn. The layers root very slowly. Andromedas thrive best in a position where they are not exposed to hot sun.

Pron. An-drommy-da.

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