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Arabis Flower


Arabis Flower

Type:  Perennial flowers

Species:  48

Height:  10 – 80 cm

Growing:  USA

Flowers:  White

Kingdom:  Plantae

Unranked:  Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids

Order:  Brassicales

Family:  Brassicaceae

Genus:  Arabis

ARABIS. Hardy perennial of low, spreading habit, suiting either spring beds or the rockery, and thriving in almost any soil. The two chief species are the Caucasian albida and the Swiss alpina; both have white flower and are at their best in early spring. They can be raised from seed sown in late spring, the seedlings being transplanted in autumn. The double Arabis albida produces large spikes of pure white double flowers Lucida variegata has light green leaves edged with yellow. Arabis Billardierii bears pink blooms. Pron. Arra-bis.

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